Email Policy

I ask that any patients or prospective patients review the following information regarding communicating by email.  My intention is to maintain the confidentiality of email information sent and received.  However, I cannot guarantee it.

Risk of using email: Transmitting patient information by email has a number of risks that patients should consider before using email.  These include, but are not limited to, the following risks:

a)    Email can be circulated, forwarded, stored electronically and on paper, and broadcast to unintended recipients.

b)   Email senders can easily misaddress an email.

c)    Backup copies of email may exist even after the sender or the recipient has deleted his or her copy.

d)   Employers and on-line services have a right to inspect email transmitted through their systems.

e)    Email can be intercepted, altered, forwarded, or used without authorization or detection.

f)    Email can be used to introduce viruses into computer systems.

g)   Email can be used as evidence in court.

h)   Emails may not be secure, and it is possible that a third party may breach the confidentiality of such communications.

Conditions for the use of email: Patients must acknowledge and consent to the following conditions:

a)    Email is not appropriate for urgent or emergency situations.  I cannot guarantee that any particular email will be read and responded to within any particular period of time.

b)   Email communication with a patient of record will usually be filed in the patient’s medical record.